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While our tours are predominantly fishing based, the extraordinary diversity and beauty of the flora, fauna and landscapes that you will come across whilst fishing in these locations is simply breathtaking.


Kurnai (Bemm River) is located around 450 kms from Melbourne off the Princes Highway. The Bemm River township sits on the far eastern fringe of the Cape Conran Coastal Park on the shore of Sydenham Inlet.


One of East Gippsland’s premier fishing destinations, Bemm River has recently become a favourite with birdwatchers, bushwalkers and eco tourists, who appreciate its natural beauty and prevalent wildlife.


With a broad array of species and different fishing options available, Bemm River has plenty of resources for you to explore that will enable you to either catch your first fish or refine your skills.



Bung Yarnda (Lake Tyers) has a rich history as being a fishing, feasting and camping place for Gunai clans in East Victoria.

Lake Tyers is located east of Lakes Entrance, approximately 350kms from Melbourne.

Today it is a quiet holiday destination and Aboriginal settlement on the East Gippsland coast which is still densely covered with red ironbark, Gippsland grey box, mountain grey gum and blue gum trees. The waterway itself consists of the main lake plus extending arms which is generally closed to Bass Strait, although on occasions it can open by prevailing weather and water levels or assisted by man.



​Mallacoota (being place of meeting or come back again) is located on the far eastern coast of Victoria, in East Gippsland approximately 520 kms from Melbourne and is part of the territory of the Bidawal people.

Mallacoota is surrounded by the 87,500 hectare Croajingolong National Park which extends for over 100 kilometres along the wilderness coast of the region. The extraordinary diversity of landscapes and ecosystems of Croajingolong National Park has seen it recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), which nominated the park as a World Biosphere Reserve. The waters of Mallacoota Inlet stretch upstream to the Genoa and Wallagaraugh Rivers.


Mallacoota is a year-round destination to enjoy walking, canoeing, cruising, golfing and surfing, or to explore the bush in your 4WD. Home to 300 species of birds, Mallacoota is a popular place for bird-watching and a great place to see Victoria’s fauna in its native habitat.



Location photography and images are courtesy of the following artist. If you are interested in purchasing these images or commissioning their services, please visit their website.

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