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Mallacoota Inlet East Gippsland, is a bit of a fishing Mecca in SE Victoria, decended upon by tens of thousdands of hopeful anglers every summer. And little wonder. Who wouldn't want to spend some time targeting trophy bream, massive flathead and a range of other estuary species including the coveted mulloway (jewfish). In today's episode East Gippsland fishing guide Chris Jordan shares some tips and advice for anglers headed to Mallacoota in search of some top-notch lure fishing.

Today's episode is an ALF PLUS interview, so my members are enjoying an extended version of this interview in which Chris shares his lure selections and techniques for fishing flats and snags at Mallacoota. Members also get access to licestreams, audio masterclasses, tools and resources to improve their fishing success. The cost is less than you'd pay for a pint at your local once per month, and it helps keep the ALF podcast on the air.

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